Official Southern Decadence XXXIII
Wednesday-Monday, September 1-6, 2004


Donnie 'Jager' Jay

Donnie "Jager" Jay James

Welcome To My Harem

Electric Blue, Silver & Black

Welcome To My Harem
by Sara Brightman Dance Mix

SDGM Sponsor:
Jagermeister, Bud Light, Bourbon Orleans Hotel, SouthernDecadence.COM

Southern Decadence Grand Marshal [SDGM] XXXI, Rusty LaRoux chose her successor, SDGM XXXII: Donnie "Jager" Jay James, at the Official Southern Decadence Coronation 2004 on July 18th at Body & Soul, 525 Marigny @ Chartres St. The new grand marshal lead the 33rd Official Southern Decadence celebration with chosen theme, colors and song.


  • Decadence Up, Arrests Down;
        125,000 Participants, $100 Million Economic Impact

  • Celebrazzi
        SDGM XXXII Leads Parade,
        Official SD Bead Toss

  • Snap Paparazzi
        32nd  Official SD Parade

  • One Last Song
        Reflections of Decadence

  • Big Easy Paparazzi
        Pre-Parade Brunch, Official SD Bead Toss,
        1st Bourbon St. Extravaganza, SDGM Show

  • The Big Diva
        I Did Survive!

  • Ambush Paparazzi
        SD Highlights, Leather Decadence, Club Action

  • Sappho Psalm
        Southern Decadence

  • Sherwood's Forest
        Sweet Decadence at Sweet Olive

  • Decadence Paparazzi
        8th SD Survivors Bar Crawl & SD Action

  • Giant 104 Page Ambush
        SD Parade/Events

  • Celebrazzi
        2004 Grand Marshals Luncheon

  • One Last Song
        Daydreams & Fantasies

  • Ambush Paparazzi
        SDGM XXXII Luncheon, Bar Run & Poker Run

  • Chop Chop
        Ambush Restaurant Guide

  • The Big Diva
        Official Southern Decadence Guide

  • Sherwood's Forest
        Bear/Leather Decadence

  • Sappho Psalm
        Excitement & Celebration

  • 33rd Official Southern Decadence
        Expected to Exceed $120,000 Revelers

  • One Last Song
        A Reply from Coors

  • Ambush Paparazzi
        Shows/Parties/Club Action

  • Snap Paparazzi
        Celebrations/Fund-raisers/Marigny Leather Contest

  • The Big Diva
        Official Southern Decadence Press Party

  • Celebrazzi
        SDGMs & Official Parade Entourage

  • Big Easy Paparazzi
        Official Southern Decadence Press Party Pics

  • One Last Song
        Walking The Line

  • Donnie "Jager" Jay will Lead 33rd SD Celebration
        as Southern Decadence Grand Marshal XXXII

  • Southern Decadence Coronation 2004 Paparazzi:
        SDGM  XXXII Donnie "Jager" Jay

  • Southern Decadence Gran Marshall XXXII
        will be Presented at Coronation 2004 Sun., July 18th

  • It's Official: SDGM XXXI Rusty LaRoux
        Will Name Her Successor July 18th at Coronation 2004

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