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Official Southern Decadence Poster 2009

LABOR DAY WEEKEND Wed.-Mon., Sept. 2-7, 2009

SDGMs XXXV: Tittie Toulouse & Paloma
THEME: Hurricane: This Year, They BLOW Back!    
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2009 Southern Decadence Boast Largest Parade & Events in SD History; Over 100,000 Revelers, $150 Million Impact

It is estimated that the 38th Official Southern Decadence Celebration of Gay Life, Music and Culture brought in over 100,000 revelers with a projected economic impact of over $150 million to the local economy in New Orleans. 2009 saw the largest parade in the history of Southern Decadence stretching some 22 blocks led by Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXV Tittie Toulouse and Paloma. The largest crowd of spectators ever at some 40,000 lined the route which went down Royal to St. Louis, to North Rampart, to Toulouse, to Burgundy, to St. Ann, ending on Bourbon. Following the grand marshals were thousands of costumed revelers and the 200 piece marching band of the Lesbian and Gay Band Association, which earlier this year participated in President Barack Obama's Inauguration Parade in Washington DC.

Additionally, the 6th Bourbon Street Extravaganza hosted on the Saturday of Labor Day Weekend brought out the largest crowd there to date, some 25,000, to hear the live concert and show produced by Napoleon's Itch. It was headlined by Deborah Cox, Jeanie Tracy, Sandy Vee Anderson and Gina Brown.

The South's oldest Leather Block Party and Vendor Fair hosted by the Lords of Leather and the Phoenix boasted some 7,000 participants for its event, the largest crowd to date.

The economic impact on the city could very well exceed $150 million, based on a conservative spending average of $1,200-$1,500 per person. However, many visitors Ambush spoke with were spending from $1,200 to $3,500 per person including hotel, dining, shopping, services, event fees and nightlife.

Ambush contacted most of the GLBT businesses following the holiday to find that business was up tremendously. Some businesses doubled or tripled revenues and attendance while others were up from 10-50%. Some remained at the same levels as previous years, while very few were in fact down over previous years. Participants were not confining themselves to only one area of the French Quarter this year. Many visited different establishments throughout the French Quarter, CBD, uptown, and the largest jump in business was experienced in the Faubourg Marigny/Bywater area of the city.

Many gay friendly businesses showed their support of the giant celebration flying pride colors over their establishments and advertising in Ambush and at SouthernDecadence.COM.

Both shopping and dining establishments were up considerably as well this year. Additionally, participants visited more museums, art galleries and the casino while booking more historic tours than in previous years.

The community, including Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXV Tittie Toulouse and Paloma, worked closely with the City of New Orleans and the New Orleans Police Department 8th District in order to ensure that both visitors and locals alike would have a safe and fun Southern Decadence.

In the weeks prior to Southern Decadence, SouthernDecadence.COM and AmbushMag.COM brought in over 150,000 unique visitors to it’s websites. SouthernDecadence.COM is the Official Website of Southern Decadence in New Orleans dedicated to the preservation of the history and traditions of Southern Decadence since 1972. Ambush Mag is the Official Southern Decadence Guide.

This publication flew off the shelves of distribution points throughout the city. Even though Ambush put out an additional 3,000 editions for New Orleans, the mag’s number one distribution point, Dance Club of the Year Oz, 800 Bourbon Street, went through over 4,000 copies. Most other distribution points were out of Ambush by the end of the weekend.

The 39th Official Southern Decadence celebration is set for Wednesday, September 1-Monday, September 6, 2010.

2009 Highlights
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Official Southern Decadence Guide


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