Official Southern Decadence XLII (42)

LABOR DAY WEEKEND Wednesday, August 28-Monday, September 2, 2013

Southern Decadence 2013 Poster

SDGM XXXIX: Tami Tarmac & Venus Santiago
OFFICIAL THEME: Live, Laugh & Love
Fuschia Pink, Tangerine Orange & Gold
OFFICIAL SONG: Feel The Moment
OFFICIAL Sponsors:
Ambush Mag, SKYY Vodka, Bud Light, Tropical Isle: Home of the Hand Grenade, Patrons of the Golden Lantern , SouthernDecadence.COM, Kajun's Pub, Bourbon Pub & Parade, Oz, Arthur Severio Photography, Chad Boutte, The Corner Pocket

42nd Celebration Largest in Southern Decadence History with 150,000 Revelers Bringing in Over $180 Million to New Orleans

Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXIX Tami Tarmac and Venus Santiago can be proud to have led the 42nd annual Southern Decadence, the largest in the history of the celebration with some 150,000 revelers bringing in over $180 million to the greater New Orleans community. Held over Labor Day Weekend, the $180 million figure is based on a very conservative $1,200 per person spending average. Since 1996 the celebration has had a 1.167 billion dollar economic impact. The Official Website of Southern Decadence, www.SouthernDecadence.COM, was launched in 1996, the only website on Southern Decadence at the time, and has been keeping records on the estimated crowds which now total 1 million, 292 thousand, as well as the projected economic impact each year.

There were over 100 events this year offering individuals something enticing to enjoy the weekend that is world renown, Southern Decadence (SD).

The theme was Live, Laugh & Love; while the colors were fuschia pink, tangerine orange and gold; the song mix was Feel The Moment; and charity was Belle Reve.

Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXIX Tami Tarmac & Venus Santiago Raise over $4,000 for Belle Reve

The Southern Decadence Grand Marshals this year had to make some tough decisions to insure the continued success of Southern Decadence. When former Southern Decadence Grand Marshals were unable to organize, SDGMs Tami Tarmac and Venus Santiago then asked James Garner, Rip Naquin and Marsha Delain to form New Orleans Southern Decadence Inc., a non-profit corporation which would handle funds raised by Southern Decadence Grand Marshals to produce the Southern Decadence celebration of gay life, music and culture in New Orleans.

Funds raised minus expenses brought in $4,001.88 for Belle Reve which provides permanent and transitional housing along with full support services to adults and families living with AIDS or HIV related infections. Concern for quality of life and equal availability of services are the founding principles of this agency.

The 2013 Southern Decadence Financial Report follows:


100.00 James Garner Opening Deposit Donation

2,820.00 Golden Lantern Fundraiser including 2,000.00 Patrons of Golden Lantern Sponsorship

2,597.00 Oz Fundraiser including 1,000.00 Oz Sponsorship

2,500.00 Tropical Isle: Home of the Hand Grenade Sponsorship

1,548.00 Electra City/Tittie Toulouse's Past SDGMs Fundraiser

1,347.00 Michael's On The Park Fundraiser

1,282.00 Bourbon Pub & Parade Fundraiser including 1,000.00 Bourbon Pub & Parade Sponsorship

1,200.00 JohnPaul's Fundraiser

1,137.00 Corner Pocket Fundraiser including 500.00 Corner Pocket Sponsorship

1,000.00 Bud Light Sponsorship

909.00 Friendly Bar Fundraiser

658.00 Kajun's Pub Fundraiser including 500.00 Kajun's Pub Sponsorship

290.00 LAX Fundraiser

205.00 Phoenix Fundraiser

17,593.00 Total Revenue


6,600.00 City Sanitation Fee

2,912.50 Parade Insurance

1,648.00 Parade Police Detail

1,000.00 Grand Marshals Costumes

1,000.00 Checking Account Reserve

169.48 Check Printing

202.89 Parade DJ

58.25 Parade Permit

13,591.12 Total Expenses

4,001.88 Belle Reve Donation

An eternal debt of gratitude is extended to all who helped raise funds for this year's celebration, and especially to its sponsors for their huge support.

Official Sponsors were: Ambush Mag; www.SouthernDecadence.COM; Official Vodka of Southern Decadence SKYY; Official Beer of Southern Decadence Bud Light; Platinum $2,500 Sponsor: Tropical Isle: Home of the Hand Grenade; $2,000 Sponsor: Patrons of the Golden Lantern; Gold $1,000 Sponsors: Kajunís Pub, Bourbon Pub & Parade, and Oz; Silver $500 Sponsor: The Corner Pocket; and other sponsors Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, Arthur Severio Photography, and Chad Boutte. Please patronize these businesses who made Decadence possible.

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