Official Southern Decadence XLIII (43) Highlights

LABOR DAY WEEKEND Wednesday, August 27-Monday, September 1, 2014

43rd Annual Southern Decadence

SDGM XL (40): Chad Boutte, Reba Douglas & Aubrey Synclaire
Under The Big Top: Welcome to the Gayest Show on Earth
Canary Yellow, Turquoise Blue & Pearl White
"Work: Bitch" by Britney Spears
PFLAG-New Orleans
OFFICIAL Sponsors:
Presenting - Ambush Mag
,, The Golden Lantern, House of Blues; Platinum - The Four Seasons & Patio Stage Bar, Harrah's New Orleans, GAA (Gay Appreciation Awards), Tropical Isle: Hand Grenade; Gold - Bud Light, Skyy Vodka, Quartermaster, Lucky Pierre's, 3rd Base Bar & Grill/Bay St. Louis; Silver - GrandPre's, The Corner Pocket, Allways Lounge & Theatre, Main Street Lounge/Houma, Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts; Bronze - Phoenix/Knights d'Orleans, 700 Club, Bourbon Pub & Parade

43rd Southern Decadence Breaks Records with 160,000 Revelers & an Estimated Economic Impact of $192 Million
(by Rip & Marsha Naquin-Delain "the 'official' dish"

43rd Annual Southern Decadence Parade

Southern Decadence 2014 will go down in history as the largest celebration of gay life, music and culture in New Orleans breaking all records with 160,000 revelers earning the local economy an estimated $192 million. The economic impact may be much, much more since the spending average per person is based on a very conservative $1,200. Hosted every Labor Day weekend, Southern Decadence is the 5th largest event in the city following Mardi Gras, Jazz Fest, Essence Fest, and French Quarter Fest.

Totals from this 43rd Official Southern Decadence celebration have been added to the records kept by the official website, Since 1996 the celebration has had a 1 billion, 489 million dollar economic impact on the New Orleans economy with estimated crowds now totaling over 1 million, 577 thousand.

Not only was this the biggest year for attendance and economic impact, but the 40th Official Southern Decadence Parade led by Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XL Chad Boutte, Reba Douglas and Aubrey Synclaire on Sunday was the largest ever with some 1,000 parade participants. With an estimated 40,000 lining the route through the historic French Quarter, this parade was indeed the largest event at Southern Decadence 2014. The parade had several large marching groups and bands celebrating the theme, "Under The Big Top: Welcome to the Gayest Show on Earth," many exhibiting the official colors of canary yellow, turquoise blue and pearl white.

The weekend boasted some 100 events from Wednesday through Labor Day Monday celebrating the end of summer bash bringing in mega stars, international DJs, porn stars, dancers, and much, much more.

Funds raised minus expenses benefit this year's charity PFLAG-New Orleans (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) scholarship fund.

Additionally, this 43rd celebration boasted twenty-two official sponsors, the largest number ever. Presenting Sponsors included Official Southern Decadence Guide Ambush Mag, Official Website, Official Home of Southern Decadence: The Golden Lantern (the largest sponsor raising $7,000), Oz New Orleans, and House of Blues.

Platinum Sponsors included The Four Seasons & Patio Stage Bar, Harrah's New Orleans, Gay Appreciation Awards, and Official Drink of Southern Decadence Tropical Isle's Hand Grenade.

Gold Sponsors included Official Beer Bud Light, Official Vodka Skyy Vodka, Quartermaster: The Nellie Deli, Lucky Pierre's, and 3rd Base Bar & Grill/Bay St. Louis.

Silver Sponsors included GrandPre's, The Corner Pocket, AllWays Lounge, Main Street Lounge/Houma, and Creole Cuisine Restaurant Concepts.

Bronze Sponsors included Phoenix/Knights d'Orleans, 700 Club, and Bourbon Pub & Parade.

Southern Decadence 2014 Raises $18,931.08 for PFLAG/New Orleans

43rd Southern Decadence Thank You

The final moneys have arrived and it's official, the 43rd Southern Decadence/2014 celebration raised a whopping $18,931.08 for PFLAG/New Orleans, the most raised for a charity in the history of Southern Decadence. Total revenues included $30,713.00 minus expenses of $11,781.92, leaving the balance to charity. Additionally, New Orleans Southern Decadence Inc. received a 2013 refund from the New Orleans Sanitation Department of $6,600.00 which will be added to last year's $4,001.88 donation to 2013 charity Belle Reve bringing the 2013 total to $10,601.88.

A special show was hosted November 7 at the Home of Southern Decadence, The Golden Lantern, 1239 Royal Street, presenting $18,931.08 to PFLAG/New Orleans, and $6,600.00 to Belle Reve. A salute to the hard work of Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XL Chad Boutte, Reba Douglas and Aubrey Synclaire; and Southern Decadence Grand Marshals XXXIX Tami Tarmac and Venus Santiago.

The non-profit New Orleans Southern Decadence Inc. was formed in 2013 at the request of SDGMs XXXIX Tami Tarmac and Venus Santiago to ensure all funds raised going forward would be handled in a professional and credible manner. In two years, under the direction of Board of Directors James Garner, and Rip and Marsha Naquin-Delain, $29,532.96 has been raised for the grand marshals' chosen charities.

Southern Decadence 2014 Financial Report
By New Orleans Southern Decadence Inc.

Revenue Event (listed by dates received)

7,000.00 Golden Lantern Sponsorship
1,091.00 Lucky Pierre's SD Announcement
1,000.00 4 Seasons
1,400.00 4 Seasons Crawfish Boil
250.00 Phoenix Knights d'Orleans Beer Bust
1,500.00 Third Base Bar & Grill
200.00 700 Club Poster Signing
625.00 GrandPre's SD Fundraiser
895.00 Lucky Pierre's Reba's Blood Bath B-day
450.00 GrandPre's/Frankie's Boy's in the Shower
3,354.00 Oz Boy Auction
802.00 Always Lounge/Johnny Passion Fundaiser
2,500.00 Tropical Isle Sponsorship
133.00 Voodoo Freak Show
2,622.00 Ambush/Gay Appreciation Awards Gala
573.00 Main St. Lounge Fundraiser
750.00 Corner Pocket Fundraiser
100.00 Helene Berot Donation
600.00 Four Seasons/Frankie's Toga Party
310.00 Bourbon Pub & Parade Fundraiser
500.00 Creole Cuisine Sponsorship
1,803.00 House of Blues Kickoff
1,255.00 Harrah's New Orleans Kickoff
1,000.00 Bud Light Sponsorship

30,713.00 Total Revenue


4,000.00 SDGM Costumes
2,912.50 Parade Insurance
1,640.00 Parade Police Detail
1,000.00 Checking Account Reserve
500.00 SD Parade DJ
418.00 River Parish Disposal/Sanitation
410.00 SD Poster Design
313.20 House of Blues Flyers
250.00 Knights of Decadence Parade Fee
205.94 SDGM Luncheon Gifts
50.25 Parade Permit
81.35 Bank Deposit Stamps
.68 Bank Fee

11,781.92 Total Expenses

18,931.08 PFLAG/New Orleans Donation

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