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Frequently Asked Questions

Q—Is it true I can drink in public at SD?

A—Yes, you can drink alcohol in public in New Orleans year-round as long as the drink is in a plastic “go” cup.

Q—Can I go into a bar if I am between 18 and 20?

A—Maybe.  The legal drinking age is 21 although some bars will allow you in, but not sell you alcohol, if you’re between 18 and 20.  Many bars in New Orleans have video poker machines and the laws says you have to be 21 enter those bars.

Q—What’s up with VIP passes?

A—There is no official, comprehensive Southern Decadence VIP pass.  Some bars, however, sell VIP passes for the weekend that are effective at their bars only.

Q—Can I have sex in the street?

A—Although not unheard of, public sex acts are illegal.

Q—Where can I go to the bathroom?

A—Wherever you’re spending money.  Public urination / defecation WILL get you arrested.  Don’t do it.

Q—Do all the bars take credit cards?

A—No.  Some do but some don’t.

Q—Do all the bars have cover charges?

A—No.  Some do, some don’t.

Q—Do all the bars raise their prices during Decadence?

A—Some do, some don’t.